Now Accepting Hydrotherapy & Swim Appointments! Please Note Our New Boarding Rates.

About Our Boarding Facility

We are a family owned and operated business, providing your pets a "Home Away From Home!"

Our exercise yard of 5,000 square feet of space, enclosed with 6ft & 8ft high fencing. This allows our visiting dogs to have ample space for outdoor time. 

We offer off-leash, leash walks, and longline field walks to all our guests twice a day. These activities can be done individually or small groups, depending on the dogs and/or owners preference.

Inside, we've resurfaced the flooring, with a product ideal for traction, while also inhibiting the growth of bacteria, allowing for easy clean up.  Our priority is to provide your pet with a safe, healthy, and clean environment to enjoy. 

We accommodate our dog guests in our individual indoor/outdoor runs. The inside run measures 4ft x 8ft with 8ft partitions (4ft solid and 4ft chain link), access to the outdoor run is by way of dog doors operated by pulleys. The outdoor runs measure 4ft x 12ft with 8ft chain link partitions, wire mesh over the top and roof coverage to allow for the dogs to stay out of the weather if they wish to be outside.

When your dog stays with us, we offer quality treats for keeping them busy when the weather is not suitable for any long periods of time outdoors. We have all natural jerky chews, shark cartilage, treat filled kongs and frozen raw treats (owners permission) too!  And for those chewing champions, we offer all natural frozen marrow bones, hooves, antlers and yak cheese.

Here, Lugs is enjoying a hoof with peanut butter and liver treats that we crush to a powder, it mixes much better into the peanut butter.  Just a note of caution, these hooves and bones should only be given for a short duration of time, as those champion chewers, will chew until they finish them and it is not a good idea for them to ingest the whole treat at one time!